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Floating houses

Country : Netherlands

Floating houses, Netherlands

Just outside Warande in the Netherlands, lies a floating community of eight residential houses called the ‘Drijf in Lelystad’ (Float in Lelystad). These structures are the result of eight families’ collective dream to live directly on the water in energy efficient, low maintenance and sustainable floating homes. Designed by Amsterdam-based architect Attika Architekten, each house is around 170 m². Together, the eight houses weigh about 150 tonnes. Eternit’s fibre cement boards Equitone Natura were an ideal choice for the house façades. The durable and lightweight composition makes them a lasting and environmentally friendly choice for a marine environment. These features also made them easy to install on the timber frames which were built 40 km away and then towed to the site to complete construction. The Eternit Natura palette range helps the modern cubic design blend into the surrounding landscape, while offering a neutral, coherent colour scheme each family could accent to their individual taste.